Urbanization as Kairos

The other day, Trendwatching posted an article summarizing “10 Crucial Consumer Trends in 2010.”

  1. Business as Unusual
  2. Urbany
  3. Real-Time Reviews
  4. (F)Luxury
  5. Mass-Mingling
  6. Eco-Easy
  7. Tracking and Alerting
  8. Embedded Generosity
  9. Profile Myning
  10. Maturialism

Three ideas within Urbany caught my eye.

  • The proportion of person living in cities has risen dramatically in the past century.
  • Urban dwellers tend to be more daring.
  • Urban dwellers tend to be more connected, both in proximity and via the internet.
  • Urban dwellers are more specifically cultured.

Claim: Increasing urbanization is an opportunity to plant (or renew) churches that are radically biblical, gatheringly diverse, and culturally expressive.

Downtown Torrance as Suburban-Urban

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TFB is an established church, just a block from downtown Torrance.  Thinking about TFB, some “urbany” questions arise.

  • How can we leverage our location for the kingdom?
  • What needs to change?
  • How has God equipped us already?
  • How can we enhance and radically express biblical distinctives?
  • How can we grow and live trust in God?
  • Which gathering venues, both face-to-face and virtual, can we add or enhance?
  • What is Torrance 90501 culture?
  • How can we shape our expression of essential Christianity to “speak” Torrance?
  • How can we, as insiders, lovingly critique Torrance culture?
  • How can we make Torrance culture more beautiful and godly?

Note: Kairos is a Greek term often translated “time” that carries the idea of opportunity.  See the Wikipedia article for more.

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