Creating a Separate Workspace to Encourage Productivity

Enjoy Success From Home: How to Minimize Your Work Time So You can Maximize Your Free Time, a post over on Jobs and Business, offers helpful suggestions for creating a productive work space away from an “official” office.

  • Productivity Tip #1: Have a Separate Space for Work
  • Productivity Tip #2: Check Your Email Only Twice A Day
  • Productivity Tip #3: Set Regular Hours And Stick To Them

Tip #1 resonates with Monday’s post, Customizing a Healthy Intellectual Work Space, where I wrote about creating a productive and creative space using physical and sonic features.  Tip #1 offers two key suggestions.

  1. Create a space that signals work-mode. For me and my movable space, the rain mp3 does the heavy lifting here. I put on the rain and my mind is prepped to think.
  2. Create a particular space, containing only what you need. Oddly, my backpack is my particular space. I carry what I need (who wants to carry more?) and hauling it about reminds me where I’m going and what I’m to do when I get there. Recently, in keeping with this principle, I have stopped carrying my backpack on Sundays in order to let myself know that Sundays are for God and spiritual siblings, not intellectual work.

How do you create a productive work space?

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