I’ve Decided to Go Off Cow Dairy for a Month


Continuing issues with fat loss and inflammation have prompted what for me is a drastic measure: the removal of cow dairy!

Reason #1: Fat Loss is Stalled

While I’ve lost 50 pounds, my fat percent (per Tanita) has remained stable. I have gone four months without weightloss.  According to FitDay, my average daily calories have been around 1,600, so high caloric intake is not the issue. My fat intake is around 60% (or more) and carbohydrates range from 50 to 100 grams per day.  It is unlikely that macro-nutrient balance is not the issue. A while ago, I stopped cow cream for a month (don’t remember when) and used coconut milk in my coffee, I have never officially tested sensitivity to cow dairy.  Primal folks on the MDA forums and PaleoHack have suggested dairy might be an issue in fatloss. The decision to adjust body composition requires I test sensitivity to cow dairy.

Reason #2: Inflammation Continues

Inflammation continues in lungs, sinus, and legs (and probably places unseen). Mild asthma symptoms continue daily; caffeine alleviates this a bit. Still, the fact that it is daily (though mild) is a concern. I have had sinus congestion for years, even decades. A neti pot and nasal saline help, but these are insufficient. I, and those who must endure the snorking, want this to stop. Ankle swelling, especially in the left leg, continues (though in a much reduced state). This is of special concern, as it has been correlated with cardiovascular health. Sometime late 2009 the swelling was dramatically reduced, but I cannot remember what changed. The decision to reduce inflammation requires I test sensitivity to cow dairy.

But how?

My deep love for cream in my coffee and cheese in my diet make the how of this a deep and abiding concern. While a total elimination test would be better, my emotional connection to dairy demands modification to no cow dairy. The elimination of heavy cream will be the most difficult, as coffee is a daily and necessary experience for me. The past few days, I have pondered what to use for a substitute. Having tried and rejected coconut milk, I am not returning to that option. Non-dairy creamers are off the table (duh). For me, this leaves goat milk. Though I like it as a beverage, the gamey flavor will make for interesting coffee. Texture is the other issue, as I can no longer abide anything below half and half in the coffee. For at least the month of May, I shall be hauling goat milk with me on my travels.

The elimination of the breve latte will be the most difficult elimination. Frankly, this will cause definite emotional trauma! There is nothing quite like a latte made with half and half. On my Saturday long walk, a breve latte from the Starbucks at mile two is an important part of my motivation. During the Saturday homework session, a couple breve lattes are comforting companions. I’ll need to work up an acceptable substitute by May 8.

Thankfully, I have already transitioned from cow cheese to goat cheese. In fact, last week I made fresh goat cheese: yum. I plan to continue this, using homemade goat buttermilk and rennet. I don’t think this will be at all traumatic. 🙂

Only the Butter Remains…

I also demand a modification of the no cow dairy test: unsalted Kerrygold Butter. Butter makes me physically happy.  So, for the month of May (beginning on the 2nd), butter remains the only cow dairy in the diet.

We’ll see how it goes.

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