This together-alone condition

Nearly every Saturday, he sits on the planter wall, a few yards from his “home” set up behind some shrubs. Every Saturday, I am torn by two compulsions: connection and protection. Very rarely, our eyes meet and soul glances at soul. I fear his apparent instability, assuming he will snap. I suspect he fears my fear, assuming it will end in a call to the police. And so, the glance-avoidance continues.

Connection is a powerful compulsion. On my walks, I notice an immediate change of demeanor upon friendly eye contact: faces soften, shoulders untense, and mouths don a slight smile. I also notice that such momentary, soul-to-soul connection is difficult and rare. Passersby rarely look at one another, let alone see.

There is something broken and deeply disturbing about this isolation, this together-alone condition.

About Laura

My name is Laura and I am on a journey, pondering the implications of God's glorious design of humanity and integrating every aspects of this design into a description of whole life health.
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