Worldview: Learning to ask the right questions

Structure and Direction

In Creation Regained, Wolters describes a helpful way of thinking about creation under heaven. God’s creation is good by design, but his design has been corrupted by humanity’s mutiny. Sin’s effects distort the glory-reflecting structure and direction intended by God. Sin permeates all creation under heaven and misdirects this expression of glory, turning it into idolatry. As Christians, we are called to discern the creational structure of all things and to direct our participation toward Christ’s glory. Immersion in Scripture and meditation on and development of a biblical worldview are needed to understand and effectively communicate this glory in our sundry cultures.

I’ve sometimes asked good questions

Pondering Wolter’s understanding of worldview, I find that his concept of the inherent creational structure of all things explains some of the perspectives I have taken regarding things others often judge wholly unacceptable. In Contemporary Theology, which I took in my Th.M. program, I read through philosophers and theologians, many of whom held unacceptable, if not heretical, positions. I found myself noticing a hint of truth hidden amidst the falsehood. A similar experience occurred as I researched and wrote my thesis on emerging church ecclesiology: I did not understand the all too common question, “For or against?” It was and remains the wrong question.

While he gives few answers, Wolters does a great job of reframing such questions toward discerning creational structure and direction. If only I had been aware of this earlier. I am aware now; therefore, my thinking should change to reflect this.

I can ask better questions

Three applications come to mind.

  • Let my life speak my vocation, explicating the strengths of input, intellection, learning, and strategic thinking.
  • Allow my experience as a worship leader to inform the other areas of my life, transforming each endeavor into worship.
  • Continue to seek and express the glory I do find in creation.

Wolters, A. M., Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing (1985, 2005).

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