What happens when we run our bodies against their design?

What does our creational design tell us about God?

Designed capacity and beauty

Our bodies are designed for optimal functioning within a range of diet and activity, yet we have an amazing capacity to adapt to extremely suboptimal conditions. Not only this, but our inherent, God-glorifying beauty shines through, if minimally, through the most extreme corruption.

Designed responsibility

This same design, with its intricate, automatic systems and adaptive capacity, also supplies a capacity for choice and responsibility beyond that of other creatures. When we fail to exercise our responsibilities–or when our bodies are damaged by the irresponsible behavior of others–our bodies can become sick.

The cost of neglecting design

The health effects of the Standard American Diet and conventional wisdom’s medicine testify to the effects of such personal and communal irresponsibility. When we do not follow God’s created design, we cannot live in God’s intended freedom. Freedom exists only within design parameters.

So, who is this Sovereign Creator? He is a God of design and structure and freedom.

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My name is Laura and I am on a journey, pondering the implications of God's glorious design of humanity and integrating every aspects of this design into a description of whole life health.
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