a process of experiencing

pixel by pixel,
savored moments stop to ponder
significance embeds value.

conclusions imply linked moments.
affections are glue: bigger links.

decided focus,
emergence arises.
structure forms.

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Two lives were taken overnight,
their bodies left along my transit route.
I was annoyed at the inconvenience,
until I was ashamed of my annoyance.
We are fragile.
We too easily bow to our familial human stain.
We too easily see reality only through our eyes,
setting aside other eyes and other lives.
Two lives taken,
their bodies left for others to find,
a horror left for others to see.
[Written by Laura Springer regarding incidents that occurred on September 2, 2016 in Los Angeles County.]
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A Life Well Lived: Robert L. Saucy

Laura and Dr. Bob Saucy

More than any other teacher, Dr. Robert Saucy taught me how to think theologically. His deep trust in Jesus, keen mind, ever-present curiosity, and humor modeled before me and so many students before and after what it looked like to follow Jesus with all your mind, heart, soul, and strength. He is the best example of life well lived that I have ever known and I will be forever grateful for the hours respectful conversation, good humor, and theological pondering as he guided me through my Th.M. thesis. Beyond the doctrine of the church, he taught me what it looks like to love the church. I will miss him.

Late afternoon on March 12, 2015, Robert Saucy walked into the presence of his beloved Savior. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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