Rubric for the Theological Evaluation of an Ecclesiology

The rubric below was created on a matrix consisting of a protestant understanding of the four marks of the church in the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed and my own three-part ecclesiological perspective. This rubric is an evaluative tool that can be used to assess the practiced ecclesiology of a theologian, a local congregation, ecclesiological movement.

Excerpted from
By Laura K. Springer
Th.M. Thesis, May 2008
Talbot School of Theology, Biola University
Reader: Robert L. Saucy, Ph.D.

The Church is One

  • The church is one in her connection to Christ.
  • Individual churches have structures and practices that express and encourage internal, local, and global connection.
  • Individual churches model and draw others toward the unity of the people of God.

The Church is Holy

  • The church is holy in that she consists only of those who are in Christ, those who are and are becoming holy by God’s grace.
  • Individual churches have structures and practices that expect and nurture corporate and personal holiness among those in Christ.
  • Individual churches model the right belief and right practices that glorify and reflect God.

The Church is Catholic

  • The church is catholic in that she consists of all those who are in Christ.
  • Individual churches have structures and practices that provide for and encourage breadth of proclamation and depth of cultural expression.
  • Individual churches declare and glorify the grace and sovereignty of God.

The Church is Apostolic

  • The church is apostolic in that she attends and submits to the Scriptures, received and recorded by the Apostles of Jesus.
  • Individual churches have structures and practices that provide for and encourage personal/corporate submission to and alignment with Scripture.
  • Individual churches experientially and verbally declare the Good News of God in Christ.

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