How do Corporate and Individual Faith Work?

Launching Quote

A vital point about Isa 6:9-13 that is fundamentally important for our treatment of Jesus’ quotation is that the repentance and healing mentioned in verse 10 is not about individual salvation. The reference is to corporate hardening, corporate repentance and corporate healing.

“Exile and the Purpose of Jesus’ Parables (Mark 4:10-12; Matt 13:10-17; Luke 8:9-10)”
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Volume 51, No. 1, March 2008 (59-85)
pg. 65


  • Assuming McComiskey is correct and God does hinder corporate repentance for his own purposes, what are the responsibilities of persons in that community?
  • When a community comes to the point of corporate repentance, what is its responsibility toward unrepentant persons?
  • When an individual person in an unrepentant community repents, by what criteria should that person decide whether to remain in or leave the community?
  • Assuming the decision to remain, what are the primary functions of the repentant person in the life of the unrepentant community?


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