Accidental Ecclesiology

Accident: A circumstance or attribute that is not essential to the nature of something.

Over the past week or so, I’ve unpacked three properties of essential ecclesiology: whatness, whoness, and whyness.  Beginning next week, I turn to three properties of accidental ecclesiology: where, how, and when.[1] Before diving in more fully, I”d like to brainstorm a bit.


  • geography
  • culture
  • neighborhood
  • city
  • dictionary [2]
    • place
    • situation,position, or circumstance
    • in what respect
    • at which part, stage, or passage


  • manner
  • means
  • dictionary
    • manner or way
    • means or process
    • extent or degree
    • measure or quantity
    • state, condition, or plight


  • calendar
  • weekly gatherings
  • historical location
  • now
  • until
  • dictionary
    • at what time
    • in what circumstance
    • at which time
    • during which

What would you add, modify, or specify?

[1] “Essential properties refer to the very nature of a thing, making it what it is.  Accidental properties are non-essential (for example, the redness of an apple).  A thing remains what it is even when the accidental properties change.” (Quoted from
[2] dictionary definitions are from Merriam-Webster 7.0 for Windows Mobile, (c) 2004-2007.

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