“Playlist Effect” in American Worship

A recent survey by the Pew Forum found that many Americans like to mix and match their worship, across denominational lines–and across religious lines.  The findings include:

Though the U.S. is an overwhelmingly Christian country, significant minorities say they hold beliefs of the sort found at Buddhist temples or New Age bookstores.

One-third of Americans say they regularly or occasionally attend religious services at more than one place. One-quarter say they sometimes attend services of a faith different from their own.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines “religion” as

Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe.  A personal or institutionalized system grounded in such belief and worship.

This definition of religion contradicts what appears to be a common practice of religion in America: the definition implies some sort of loyalty to the power, while the practice implies loyalty is placed elsewhere.

What do you think of the “playlist effect”?

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