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When I say “church,” what do I intend?

About this time last year, I asked, “When you say ‘church,’ what do you mean?“  I return to the question for a deeper look. Church or Church or Church or Church Is church a building your periodically inhabit? Is it … Continue reading

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Sometimes our leaking emotions make no logical sense

I am afraid of bugs — especially beetles. I realize that, for the most part, this is illogical, for beetles do not generally bite or sting. In fact, even cute, little lady bugs make me a bit nervous. I mean, … Continue reading

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Here: Just passing through

Nearly every weekday morning, I wait in a transit mall in LA County. The wait lasts about 20 minutes, offering time to finish my morning coffee and, beginning today, write for this blog. Buses come and go. Cars mostly come, … Continue reading

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