Living Glory in the Dailies

Recognizing Glory

We recognize authentic glory through the witness of Scripture and Spirit. Scripture, as the linguistic revelation of God, is the narrative context by which all of reality is understood, for in it God reveals his character and splendor in human language. The Spirit teaches us the significance of the story, even as we work to understand its meaning. Its meaning and significance help us interpret the structure of reality, seeing God’s reflected glory in its sundry expressions.

Experiencing Glory

We experience authentic glory through participation as the new humanity in Christ. As this new humanity, the Church lives on the earth, peopled by our trust in Christ and his Gospel. As those who recognize Christ’s glory gather and disperse as community, our love for Christ and one another becomes the power behind our every intention. Our lives, from the most mundane duties to the most extraordinary feats, are shaped by a palpable confidence that we are designed and called to bear the Creator’s image in our every thought and act. Our lives, together and alone, become embodiments of the glory of Christ.

Living Glory

We live authentic glory by practicing our God-given dominion in the dailies of life. In the communal gathering, we rehearse God’s story, teaching ourselves and all who gather with us. In the gathering, we respond to the story by together proclaiming God’s glory in worship. These communal activities shape and equip us to live Christ’s glory as we take up the call to participate in his redemption of all Creation, expanding the Kingdom throughout the various spheres in which we live our lives.


About Laura

My name is Laura and I am on a journey, pondering the implications of God's glorious design of humanity and integrating every aspects of this design into a description of whole life health.
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